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Bump in and bump out


Ah, industry jargon. It’s so very easy to assume that everyone understands the words we use across all of our different professions. As a nurse I know this happens in the medical field all the time, we forget the streams of complex instructions and descriptive terminology spoken across patient beds is received as absolute gibberish to any lay person in witness. I’m certain this likely happens in your profession too. 

So, let’s demystify some of the wedding industry jargon to help you navigate the whole planning process with a lot more ease.

We’ll start with bump in and bump out! The following is a short list of the most common considerations for weddings and events. Remember though that this varies from event to event, the larger the scale the more that needs to happen. 

Bump in: 

Bump in refers to the setting up process on the day of the event. Quite commonly the time allowed for vendors to bump in is tight, and a lot needs to happen swiftly and seamlessly. This can include: 

  • Packing and unpacking vans
  • Finding suitable parking in order to unload (sometimes this is conveniently located and other times it is NOT)
  • Manual unloading of flowers, styling items, ladders, trolleys  (this will differ depending on the vendor type)
  • Setting up of all elements that you have requested. Depending on what’s included in your wedding designs this might be be placing already constructed designs and styling items, and it can also include the complete construction of arbours, installations and large vase arrangements on site 
  • Finessing of designs, making sure everything looks perfect 
  • Cleaning and tidying the space, sweeping, vacuuming etc
  • Bump in can require the hands of many staff, especially if the time frame is tight, or there are a large number of design elements to complete.
Bump out: 
Bump out is the opposite, the clear away and clean up at the end of the event. 
  • This often happens after hours, close to midnight or later. 
  • Time is tight. Venue staff are tired too and want to shut their doors for the night, so we have to get in and out quickly. 
  • Again, there is the need to find suitable and convenient parking close to the loading dock
  • Ladder climbing and trolley manoeuvrers to pack up flowers and  styling items quickly and without breakages
  • Cleaning the space of any flower or candle debris
  • Once back at the studio there is the unloading of the van, sorting of items, cleaning of buckets, vases, candle holders, responsible sorting of green waste and recyclables
  • Bump out usually requires 1-2 staff or more, depending on the scale of the designs and how quickly it needs to happen
The key to a successful bump in and bump out is being organised, and taking care. We always aim to move quickly and with skill, to ensure everything happens seamlessly and looks perfect, ideally no one’s knows we we even there. Almost as though the wedding styling fairies had flown by and created magic in an instant, and cleared the aftermath with ease.
What you are paying for: 
  • Time and volume of work needed in the time allowed
  • Skill and organisation
  • Troubleshooting skills, things go wrong and you need someone you know can fix it in the time allocated. As vendors we don’t have the power to change the timings of the day, we need to be in and out in the time allowed regardless of issues beyond our control. If that installation gets knocked down by venue staff (yes this has happened to me), you want your vendor to be able to fix it quickly and expertly in the time remaining, if a vase arrangement gets knocked over and the vase smashed (this has also happened) you want to know your vendor will come back with a replacement and ensure everything is perfect before your guests arrive 
  • Travel and parking, sometimes across multiple locations ie. hotel for the delivery of personal flowers, the ceremony location, and your reception venue
  • A vendor you trust
You are paying for expert skills to ensure everything goes to plan and is just as you imagine, and these skills need to make it all happen in short periods of time so that when you arrive everything is just as you dreamed it would be. 

Are you ready to reach out and chat about your florals and styling needs, about how our expert skills can ensure your wedding day is as beautiful and perfect as it should be?  Click the link below to get in touch, and happy planning lovers 

Kris x

“Kris was recommended to me by a close friend for wedding flowers and she did not disappoint. The wedding process was a bit daunting for me and Kris took the time to have a chat about styles, flower sustainability and budget. Kris was amazing to deal with throughout the whole engagement, is sustainable and super understanding and smiley to boot. Love what Kris did for us on the day and would recommend Kris to anyone looking for wedding flowers.”