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Our very first podcast interview!

I was so very, incredibly, excited to join Ms Rose from Polka Dot Weddings ‘The Feelgood Wedding Podcast’ recently to chat all things related to Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers.

Here are a few of the gold nuggets of advice I offered up during our chat, summed up beautifully here by Ms Rose.

  1. First, consider locally-grown flowers. Local flowers require less transportation, which reduces their carbon footprint. This also means supporting local farmers and florists while ensuring you get fresher and longer-lasting flowers.
  2. Choose organic flowers. Conventional flowers are often treated with pesticides and other chemicals that harm the environment and can be dangerous for those working with them. Organic flowers, on the other hand, are grown without these harmful chemicals, making them a more sustainable option.
  3. Go for flowers that are in season. Flowers that are out of season require more energy to grow and transport. By choosing flowers that are in season, you’ll reduce their carbon footprint and support the natural growing cycle.
  4. Consider using potted plants instead of cut flowers. Potted plants can be used as decor and then taken home by your guests, so they’re both beautiful and practical. Plus, they can be replanted and enjoyed for years to come.
  5. Finally, consider donating your flowers after the wedding. You can donate them to a hospital or nursing home, or even compost them. This ensures that your flowers don’t go to waste and can continue to benefit the environment.

You can find the podcast episode and a full transcript by clicking the button below

“Kris was recommended to me by a close friend for wedding flowers and she did not disappoint. The wedding process was a bit daunting for me and Kris took the time to have a chat about styles, flower sustainability and budget. Kris was amazing to deal with throughout the whole engagement, is sustainable and super understanding and smiley to boot. Love what Kris did for us on the day and would recommend Kris to anyone looking for wedding flowers.”